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Wishing You a Creative New Year. From Tripod Dog Gallery - Art by Leith Semmens.

Bailey Dog and I would like to wish you and everyone important in your life a wonderful and creative New Year. Hoping that 2024 brings you joy and happiness.

Thank you for continuing to support and encourage me on my art journey. Your support continues to be one of the primary motivations for continuing my art journey. Sharing experiences and experimentation brings me joy, so thank you.

Hopefully you will have noticed a little difference with the methods and styles of how I am presenting my art online. With the expanding interest of my art outside Australia, it has become more important to share progress in new ways.

Social Madia has become a little more complicated when trying to share artists journeys. My hope is that you will continue to be connected via my website mailing list and blog. This way we will remain in contact.

Tripod Dog Gallery - Art by Leith Semmens will remain on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube; they've just become a little more difficult to maintain.

Please encourage your friends to join my mailing list.

Wishing you and those most important a wonderful 2024.

Let’s talk again soon.

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