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Tripod Dog Gallery - Artists Studio for Leith Semmens Welcomes You to our New Website.

Extremely excitied to share our new website with you.

Although I'm still working though a few bits n' bobs for the new Tripod Dog Gallery's website, I'd welcome your feedback.

The reason for re-vamping the website is largely due to social media has become very difficult to share what's happening with friends.

It should have a new, more modern feel. Function much better on mobile phones. Some of the website's sizings may not be best adapted to an ipad or android pad. (They use a different formating method...)

I am in the process of adding more artworks to the page. There is a small refresh error on the gallery page that is being looked into. However, I would really welcome your experience comments.

I will be using the instagram link to give a more "this is what's happenin' today" content.

So please, come over and have a look.

Please share with your friends too!

So from both Bailey and me (Leith) , thank you and look forward to hearing your thoughts of the new site.

A little experiment might be to leave some comments at the bottom of this post.

Did you like my new website?

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  • No

  • It was very easy to navigate

  • It was very difficult to navigate

You can vote for more than one answer.

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