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"Unlock Exclusive Deals: How to Access the Members-Only Catalogue Sale"

Needing to make space for new artworks, I will be offering exclusive discounts to subscribers.

If you know of someone looking to add a new look to their home or office, this is the perfect time to pass on my contact information. Perhaps tell them to speak with their financial person to see if significant tax offsets might apply!

Work is continuing upon my Chromatophores collection. It is exciting to see a new and special drawing beginning to take shape. This abstract interpretation of an octopus comprises millions of tiny circles. Each circle represents Chromatophore cells that allow octopi to change colour and camouflage.

Ink work is nearing completion. The next step is adding artificial gold leaf.

I look forward to sharing photos and video when a little more finished.

Once completed it is my intention to submit the drawing into the National Works on Paper Prize.

I am very interested what you'd like to see in future blog posts. Please leave comments bellow to help me build a better show and tell of my studio.

Wishing you a fabulous time, from Leith and Bailey dog.

What would you like to see more of?

  • More new art

  • Movies of making art

  • Show n' tells of my studio

  • Special offers for members

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