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This stunning artwork depicts a Found Tree at Carrickalinga in South Australia, captured through the intricate lines and strokes of a hand-drawn illustration. Created using a combination of inks and acrylic paints, the piece showcases a unique blend of traditional and contemporary art techniques. Its high-quality finish on watercolour paper ensures that the artwork will stand the test of time, making it a perfect addition to any art collection. This Found Tree Carrickalinga artwork is a true representation of the beauty and natural wonder of the Australian landscape.

Found Tree Carrickalinga

VAT Included
  • 6 hand drawn panels approx 297X410mm.  The final size of the drawing when hung will change depending upon the type of framing used.  Each panel can be independantly framed and hung as a colage, or framed as a set into one larger frame  (to match your decor needs).

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