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Ink on paper, gold leaf, wax seals, framed in tasmanian oak and 70%UV stabalised glass.


Chromatophores no.2 is a stunning piece of hand-drawn ink art that is sure to captivate any viewer. The intricate design features an array of colors and shapes that blend together seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing effect. This unique piece is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of abstract art and the skill of traditional drawing techniques. Hang it on your wall and let it be the centerpiece of your home decor. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, making it a truly special addition to any art collection.


Chromatophores are organs that are present in the skin of many cephalopods, such as squids, cuttlefish, and octopuses, which contain pigment sacs that become more visible as small radial muscles pull the sac open making the pigment expand under the skin.

Chromatophores no.2

VAT Included
  • Hand drawn approx 1410mmX910mm.  

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