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Introducing the stunning Carrickalinga RocksYellow and Colour artwork, created by the talented Leith Semmens. This unique piece is a quill pen applied ink drawing, carefully crafted using thousands of delicate hairs width strokes. Up close, it appears abstract, but from a distance, it reveals a highly detailed image of the beautiful rocks at Carrickalinga. With its vibrant pops of yellow and other colors, this artwork is sure to brighten up any room and become the focal point of any art collection. Indulge in the beauty of this masterpiece and add it to your home today

Carrickalinga RocksYellow and Colour

VAT Included
  • 6 hand drawn panels approx 297X410mm.  The final size of the drawing when hung will change depending upon the type of framing used.  Each panel can be independantly framed and hung as a colage, or framed as a set into one larger frame  (to match your decor needs).

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