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The Virgin, by Leith Semmens.

  •  This Print Copy is exclusively available from our Souvenir and Gift TripodDopShop at Redbubble, and is available in over 40 different options including:

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    Sgraffito Mono Print with Graphite and Watercolour. This original print/draining/painting is composed of parallel lines of ink/graphite tone with watercolour highlighting that when viewed from a distance reveal the final image.  


    During the process of making this Mono-Print the original ink release surface is destroyed in the process of Sgraffito, hence no further copies of this image can be created other than non-authentic commercial copies.


    I found this imposing communal wafer holder in a Church in Southern France.  This huge sculpture is gold and dazzles with a huge variety of gem stones.  I hope some of the grandeur of the original alter piece is communicated in this drawing.


    This particular image is in a private collection.



  • Images may appear a little different in real life from photo references due to website file compression.


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