This original quill pen applied acrylic and opalescent ink drawing by Leith Semmens carries a wax seal of authenticity.


Drawn on heavy watercolour paper, this drawing is approximately h750 mm X w550 mm and is delivered unframed.  For framing options please contact me.

Pride of Madera, by Leith Semmens.

  • Sgraffito Mono Print with Graphite and Watercolour. This original print/draining/painting is composed of parallel lines of ink/graphite tone with watercolour highlighting that when viewed from a distance reveal the final image.  


    During the process of making this Mono-Print the original ink release surface is destroyed in the process of Sgraffito, hence no further copies of this image can be created other than non-authentic commercial copies.


    This Pride of Madera was drawn growing in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia.  During the months these flowers are in full glory, they are completely swamped by bees and other pollinating insects.  Their leaves are attacked heavily by caterpillars, that in turn feed a huge sway and variety of birds.  As an exotic in Australia they are nice addition.


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