This original quill pen applied acrylic and opalescent ink drawing by Leith Semmens.


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Kookaburra Reflections, by Leith Semmens.

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    Quill pen applied acrylic and opalescent ink drawing. This original drawing is composed of parallel lines of ink colour that when viewed from a distance reveal the final image. Ink drawings should ideally be displayed away from direct sunlight to avoid colour loss and ideally framed behind UV protected glass.


    This Kookaburra was drawn at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia. Kookaburras are rather special birds. I wouldn't call them exactly pretty, but they certainly are handsome with the males often showing an opalescent shimmering blue on the wings. This particular bird was drawn while caged in a rather drab and dark temporary cage. It was a real challenge to draw the moving bird through some heavy gauge metal screening.


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