This original Acrylic Paint Pen drawing, by Leith Semmens has been faithfully reproduced as a wide selction of Gifts and Merchadise available exclusively from our online Gift and Merchandise Store, TripodDogShop at Redbuble.


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Green and Blue Grevillea, by Leith Semmens

  • Our Drawing features Grevilleas growing at Carrickalinga Beach, South Australia.


    This Grevillea grows in our back garden. It looks rather delicate, however it extremely tough, able to withstand extreme heat, drought, and sea spray. The flowers appear for almost 9 months of the year and are a magnet for local birds who feat upon the nectar or foraging insects.


    I enjoy the colours of this drawing, the paints glisten and the over all finish seem to appear like a solarised photo.


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