This original Quill Pen applied acrylic, opalescent and fluorescent ink drawing, by Leith Semmens carries wax seals and signatures of authenticity.


Drawn on heavy watercolour paper, this 8 (eight) panel drawing is approximately h1070 mm X w1415 mm. The drawing is currently framed in solid Tasmanian Oak with 70% UV stabalised glass.  This image can be delivered framed with a small aditional cost, please  contact me.

SOLD Carrickalinga Rocks, by Leith Semmens

  • Quill pen applied acrylic, opalescent and fluorescent ink nine (9) panel drawing.  This original ink drawing should ideally be displayed away from direct sunlight to avoid colour loss and ideally framed behind UV protected glass.


    This image features seaside rock formations at Carrickalinga Beach, South Australia.


    Carrickalinga North is one of my favourite places.  It is a secluded white sandy beach nestled within a small cove of hills.  The beach is home to about fifty holiday houses adding to the sense of seclusion.  Voted by Lonely Planet Guides the best beach in Australia. 


    I love being at Carrickalinga North.  The sound of waves crashing on the beach are amplified by the hill geography of the cove.


    These sea rocks are at one end of the cove and seem to transform in the summer to jewels.  Once black and slate grey winter rocks, burn in the summer sun to transform into bright fluorescent orange and rust encrusted rocks. This bright orange glow is so intense that the shadows of the rock formations begin to take on an inner depth almost reflective turquoise flush.


    I enjoy the colours of this drawing, fluorescent reds and oranges bounce light around interiors spaces resulting in an almost sunset glow. Combined with the opalescent inks that shimmer and change colour depending upon the viewing angle and light source, complimenting the drawing.


    As an artist this drawing was an exceptional challenge.  Random length parallel lines of ink a little wider than the width of a human hair rise from the bottom left of the drawing and terminate flowing towards the top right corner. Viewed up close the drawing has an almost abstract feel, however when viewed from a distance a very realistic image reveals itself.


    Drawing this image of Carrickalinga Rocks was a very cathartic and almost meditative achievement.  It was a thrill for me to complete, and because the process of application was very labour, time and detail intensive it took almost 4 months to complete.



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